Night Vision Monocular Goggles Digital Scope For Long Range Hunting

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Product introduction

Our night vision monocular scope is compact and a good-looking portable hand held night vision device. It utilizes high magnification, and an excellent optical system ,the item will bring you quite bright and sharp images both daytime and night, This unit can take pictures, record, video and other functions, with extrapolation 4-32G memory, at night using ultra low illumination CMOS sensor and no red storm LED light, you can observe a 250M target, black and white image, product fluency, portable belt, concealment, small power consumption.


Technology principle

Using the latest and ultra low illumination large dynamic CMOS sensor, the target scene is imaging on the CMOS sensor through the independent design of the optical lens. After the conversion circuit is processed, the image is input into the memory, and then the images stored in the memory are read out by the high-speed operation chip and the data processing function to form the full video signal. And display through the display.

An absolute must for the serious gamesman.


Original description

Night Vision Monocular Goggles Digital Scope For Hunting Long Range

1 - objective lens cover

2 - objective focusing hand wheel.

3 - auxiliary light source

4 -to three tripod interface

5 - TF Card

6 - video output interface

7 - USB2.0 interface (charging interface)

8 - Track interface

9 - battery cover

10 - sight handwheel

11 - Eye Mask

12 - eyepiece cover

Night Vision Monocular Goggles Digital Scope For Hunting Long Range

13 - hand belt

14 - up key

15 - down button

16 - photo, video, playback function selection keys

17 - auxiliary lighting / screen brightness adjustment / time settings / picture, video delete key

18 - power switch / function confirmation / video playback, pause button

19 - visibility marks


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