Lexus Officially Unveils LC Convertible, And Of Course It’s Stunning

Lexus Officially Unveils LC Convertible, And Of Course It’s Stunning

Lexus went against the grain at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show with this, the new LC500 Convertible.


Just look at it. This isn’t one of the many (many, many) electrified crossovers debuting in Los Angeles. No, Lexus kept things simple: take the sublime-looking LC coupe, keep the sonorous 471 hp atmospheric V8 engine, and chop the roof clean off.

It takes one of the most beautiful cars of 2019 and makes it—at least in our eyes—even more dramatic.

Lexus’ engineers have made a few changes under the skin to handle the roofectomy. The front suspension is lighter than the coupe’s, minimizing unsprung weight. Meanwhile a reprofiled rear suspension brace tower adds structural rigidity.

The LC Convertible does get a subtly different tail treatment compared to its hardtop brethren. Naturally the center high mount stop lamp (CHMSL) migrates down to the trunk lid. It integrates with the rear spoiler, now wider and very slightly taller than before.

The party-piece soft top is a four-layer item, available in one of three colors: black, beige, or blue. It can raise or lower at speeds of up to 31 mph, taking 15 seconds for the former or 16 for the latter. Lexus has employed a variety of tech to keep wind noise at a minimum, including a polycarbonate wind deflector and available wind screen. There’s Active Noise Control to dampen less desirable noises—but not that 471 hp V8. Lexus is quick to point out there’s no electronic sound generation for the eight-pot engine either; just an exhaust valve to emphasize its singing voice in the upper rev range.