Are you curious who Bidmart is, or where did AutoMart come from?
"AutoMart" is 1 of various platforms thru Bidmart Classifieds. Since 2008 "Bidmart Canada" re-launched its original site - "bidmart.ca" - and pushed our modern day technology to advance it into our modern world. A huge difference since the days of old when there was no such thing as "Responsive" designs and the internet world was very small.
However, that relaunch was short lived for only a couple yrs, when google and the governing internet authorities changed the entire internet world. Web developers, site owners, companies and many more who devoted thousands of hours to SEO development, developing backlinks, meta tags and much more, were kicked to the bottom of the totem pole. None of this mattered anymore since google and other search engines were not interested in these issues any longer. They zoomed-in on websites that were "responsive" and "device friendly." which took a toll on websites such as ours.
So, Bidmart went back to the drawing board and started again from scratch, creating an entirely new design and building a website which included many new features you do not see in other classified sites.
Then came the robots & the changes to internet privacy laws, which included a sub-section prohibiting spam mail & the "then" advertising techniques.
Unfortunately, bidmart had an awesome site that was growing by the day. Reaching more than 70,000 links daily and retrieving more than 100,000 links internationally. Now to the average surfer, those numbers mean nothing, and to others, they would consider these numbers to be low considering the internet world population. However, Bidmart has never concentrated on concouring the world stage, but has focused and set to serve Canada.
Although Bidmart classifieds has users posting ads from all over the world, it is each buyer and sellers choice of whether they choose to construct their business in this manner.
So, with that said, rather than picking thru the website with a fine tooth comb  to bring the site up to the new standards, Bidmart again started from scratch. However, after many years of listening to how people do business and what their concerns are, Bidmart has come up with the rock solid answer to all the issues  at hand.
Our new site for the year 2020 is the final production for anything that the internet authorities may throw at us. It is built with every security measure to keep our buyers, sellers, and users safe. Including security measures to protect the site itself.  It has been divided into "Platforms" to seperate various categories whereby advertisers can list their products and sevices on a specific platform catered to their listing whereby obtaining maximum exposure. These platforms are totally independant from our parent site which increases our security measures.
Bidmart platforms consist of; AutoMart, which is totally committed to vehicles.  AuctionMart, which allows users to advertise their products in an auction enviroment.  PropertyMart, which is commited strictly to real estate, and of course there's our parent site for all things classified, free classifieds as well as paid classifieds.
As time passes, our goal is to incorporate several more platforms to accommodate our users and the public but, all good things take time so we're in no rush to just throw something out there, and its important to us to keep a platform that works and is, as our users want---"Simple,"  while not compromising security.
So, who are we?  
Bidmart.ca is the parent site of many platforms, owned & operated by Bidmart Canada. We are a pioneer online marketing website who have stood the test of time. Unlike many classified websites, bidmart has gone through many changes and have upgraded many times to comply with internet protocols and security standards. Although web surfers pay very little attention to their personal information while using the net, they scream loud when their info has been victimized. Bidmart takes security protocols seriously since our websites are meant to serve the public.
So as you surf the web and visit various sites to buy or sell items or services, consider how old that site may be and whether its ever been upgraded to todays standards  and just exactly what will happen to your personal info if you sign-up for an account. And lets not forget, what kind of exposure will you get for your Ads. If you post an ad but all you get is "scam responses" -----your on the wrong site.
We might not be the biggest classified website on the net, but we do our best to comply and we sure do our best to serve our users.
So "Thank you" to ALL our users, old & new for using our sites and allowing us to serve you!